Pictures and Videos

Here is a Quick Video of our First Annual Savvy Trip!  We took 33 women to Costa Rica in November 2017!  What a great time had by these women and lifetime friendships were formed!!!  Let us know if you would like to join us in 2018!

Here is a 2 minute video of Renee Speaking about Retirement at the 2015 Event!

There was over 300 women in attendance!

Here are some Pictures from our event November 2015!

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Here you can find photos and reviews of our past events.

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Here is what people have been saying about past seminars!

Marie C …..  well done ladies,  you guys know your stuff

Francine L  … Love you ladies, in finance,
Beautiful work  and always informative

Andrea F  …  My 1st time out, to on e of these events,
I’ll be back.. and I’ll bring friends!
Thank you

Marie R   .. a wonderful fun and informative evening

Margaret G…..  Great Job Ladies

Sofia B   Very informative  Thank you!

Connie  B… Very well presented

Cindy P…..very informative as usual

Emily R….Great Seminar Thanks

Lois S….Awesome as always!

Jennifer S……Wonderful gathering – well executed and put together!
Great Support network with addition of other Businesses supporting the event!
Thank You!

Verna V…..Enjoyed the evening.  Great Advice.

Peggy B…..truly enjoy the seminars!  Thanks.

Linda C…..great night

Laurie C….Great evening.  Very Informative and interesting.

Anna D……Good Information to know

Michelle D….Very informative with a fun element.

Maureen F…..very interesting – good learning steps and tips to remember.

Karen M…..always fun and enjoyable

Lynn M….good job ladies!

Nancy M……Fabulous

Wanda M…..Thoroughly enjoyed listening to new ideas – learned a few new things.
Thank you

Yvonne M….I enjoyed the evening very much and learned a few things to help out.

Cynthia M…..So impactful!  very nice seminar – all speakers were great

Christina M…..Great Function, very informative and educational

Jennifer M…..very informative.  I would definitely come to another session

Norma S. …..All Good!  fun event


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